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Speaking Engagements

In addition to his work as an educator and guide at the Alexander Muss High School in Israel, Akiva travels each year to America visiting high schools, universities and synagogues, to speak with students and communities about a diversity of topics related to Judaism and Israel, adding a fresh and different perspective to their programming and events.

Universities Akiva has spoken at include: UPenn, Wesleyan, Brown University, University of Maryland, Towson, Columbia, and UMass at Amherst.

He has also spoken in Jewish communities in New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Silver Spring, Baltimore and Miami. 

Below is a sample of some of themes and topics that Akiva speaks about.

Contact Akiva (below) to invite him to your community for an informative

and inspiring event.

Jewish Spirituality and Mysticism


Jewish Spirituality and Music

The Revolution of the Hasidic Movement

Kabbalah and Campus Activism

Judaism, Reincarnation and the Afterlife

Judaism as a Spiritual Path

Searching for God in the Modern World

A Personal Story: Searching for My Jewish Roots

Judaism and the Environment

Jewish Environmental Ethics

Shabbat and its Role in Tikkun Olam

Jewish Thought on Vegetarianism and Veganism

Judaism, Baal Tashchit and Modern Consumerism

Jewish Food Ethics

Teachings on Tu B'Shvat and musical and spiritual Tu B'Shvat seder

Zionism and Modern Israel

Early Zionism and the Roots of the Israeli-Arab Conflict

What's Behind Israel's Success as a Start Up Nation

The Experience of Making Aliyah to Israel

Modern Israel and the Diaspora: One Nation or a Divided Nation?

What You Can Learn About Israel from Israeli Music

Akiva is also available to be a Shabbat scholar-in-residence for high school Shabbatonim, campus Hillels, synagogues and gap-year and other programs. Includes pre-Shabbat musical preparation, Friday night Kabbalat Shabbat, Friday night tisch, teaching and learning throughout Shabbat and a musical Havdallah service.

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