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Soldiers in Uniform



In the aftermath of the barbaric attack on Israel on October 7th, 2023, hundreds of thousands of Israelis were called up to serve and to protect their country.

Months later, many of them are still there, amongst them thousands of vegan and vegetarian soldiers.

Most of the food they eat consists of army rations which are, as you can imagine, not the best.

This has been compensated by Israeli civilians sending food packages to soldiers and even doing BBQs for them.

But, as you can imagine, this food is usually not vegan or vegetarian friendly.

That's where you and I come in :).

Since the first week of the war I have been fundraising to supply nourishing, delicious vegan meals to vegan and vegetarian IDF soldiers fighting on our borders as well as inside Gaza. 

I have been using those donations to fund the making and delivering of meals made by a few different vegan kitchens around Israel and so far we have sent out thousands of meals. The feedback we have received from soldiers is incredibly heartwarming.

This war is not yet over and these soldiers need our continued support.

You can make a donation to this very important cause in one of two ways:

1) PayPal or Zelle to

2) Click the button below.

On behalf of the soldiers and on behalf of the State of Israel...thank you.

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