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Music is the sound of the soul.  The voice of our inner space. It's one of the ways we communicate that which we can't express with the regular spoken word.  Here are some of the songs I have written to express those things.  I hope you enjoy.

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"The Only Truth I Know"

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Angels Fly

For the young souls who were taken from our world in Newtown, CT in December, 2012.​​

HaTikva HaHadashah

A new melody for the Israeli national anthem.​​

All is One

A song writ​​ten for Spiritual Judaism, focusing on that which unites all of humanity.

U'v'chen Tzadikkim

A traditional song for Rosh HaShanah


A song from my album, dedicated to the Fogel family from Itamar, as well as a prayer for all Jews whose lives were taken just for being Jews. ​

To My Yet Unborn Child

Written for my sweet children before they entered into our world.​

Ani L'Dodi

A song for the month of Elul as we prepare ourselves spiritually for Rosh Hashanah.​​

The Way Back Home

There's always a way...if we search for it.

Tree Fades to Black

This one written during those good 'ol college days.

Might See Light

My heart in the form of a song for my soulmate, life-partner, Tamar.​​


Making a bridge for Shabbat into the week.

Time in Between

An oldie from my first home recordings.​​


A prayer for peace but also an expression of frustration of how far away true peace seems. ​

I'm a Tree

A song inspired by the act of planting trees in the land of Israel.​​


From the verse from Psalms: "My soul longs for G-d among those longing for the dawn."

The Time it Has Come

We must never give up or give in. The time could be now for the world we want to see. ​

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