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Akiva Gersh brings his 20 years of experience as a Jewish and Israel Studies educator and tour guide to enhance participants' understanding of Israel's inspiring history and culture. Ideal for individuals, families, groups, schools, synagogues and more.

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about akiva

Akiva is passionate about teaching and engaging with students of all ages on topics related to Israel that are informative, inspiring and thought-provoking.

Originally from New York, Akiva moved to Israel in 2004 and has worked in the field of Jewish and Israel education for 20 years. He has worked with thousands of students throughout his career, caring most about helping them to develop a personal connection with their Jewish heritage, with Jewish history and with Israel.


Akiva received a BA from Brown University in Religious Studies, an MA from Yeshiva University in Jewish Education and rabbinic ordination from Yeshivat Sulam Yaakov in Jerusalem.

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virtual tours

Explore popular as well as lesser-known sites around Israel from the comfort of your own home! Akiva Gersh mixes his expertise in guiding with vivid pictures to give the participant as much of a feeling of being on site as possible! 

Tours focus on sites of ancient as well as modern significance.

Virtual Tours include:

Ir David (City of David)

Old City of Jerusalem


Dead Sea

Tel Aviv/Jaffa


Golan Heights

Sde Boker and the Negev

Atlit Detention Center


Beer Sheva

Archeaological Sites

Border with Lebanon and Syria


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israel history

Learn the inspiring story of Israel's establishment, survival and incredible success through engaging classes. Participants will strengthen their understanding of the struggle and the sacrifice that went into creation of the modern State of Israel and how Israel became a global leader in many important fields including technology, agriculture, medicine, alternative energy and more.

Class topics include:

Birth of Zionism

Early Zionist Achievements and Challenges

The History of Kibbutzim

Zionism During the British Mandate Period

The Story Behind the Declaration of Independence

War of Independence

Holocaust Survivors in Israel

Ingathering of the Exiles:

     Aliyah in the Early Years of the State

Jewish Ethnic Diversity in Israel

Early Security Issues of the New State

Six Day War

Yom Kippur War

Israeli Settlements

Israel and the Palestinians

The IDF and its Impact on Israeli Society: More than Just an Army

Russian Immigration to Israel

Best Hikes in Israel

How Israel Became a Start-Up Nation

Sderot and the Gaza Strip


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Modern Israeli history is a vast collection of stories about individuals who actively chose to take part, and do their part, in creating a new reality for the Jewish people after 2000 years not in their own land. They are the modern heroes of Jewish history who helped to create the State of Israel and/or maintain its survival and success.  

Participants will learn about heroes such as:

Golda Meir, David Ben Gurion, Hannah Senesh, Micahel Halpern, Manya Shochat, Aaron Aronson, Sarah Aronson, Eli Cohen, Rachel the Poetess, Tzvika Greengold, AND MANY MORE!

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israeli culture

The return of the Jewish people to their homeland has resulted in the creation of a new and vibrant Jewish culture, the likes of which have never been seen before in Jewish history. The early Zionist leaders sought to create a unique and inspiring Jewish culture in the land of Israel and it could be said with confidence that this dream was fulfilled.

Participants will learn about:

Israeli Music (and what it teaches us about Israeli society)

The Mix of Traditional and Modern in Israeli Culture

Israeli Art

Israeli Food Culture 

Tel Aviv's World Famous Graffiti


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