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Book of Devarim

Devarim/Tisha B'Av

The light of redemption shines on the darkest day.​​


Living a life of blessing is all based on our perceptions.


The Land of Israel is the land of prayer.

Ki Teitze

Mercy and compassion in all of our ways and relationships.


There's really only one mitzvah.​

Ki Tavo

The Land of Israel and the Torah.​​


Standing still before moving forward.

Rosh HaShanah

The last day of this year.  Standing in awe as we approach the first day of the new year.​​

Hag Sukkot!

Dwelling in the sukkah, the chamber of deep faith.

Simhat Torah/V'Zot Ha'Brachah

Breaking it all down and starting anew.

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