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Guest speaker & performer in Israel or in your community. 


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For many years, Akiva has been engaging in both Jewish and Christian communities, both in Israel and the USA. With his unique articulation combined with his musical talents, Akiva is able to take, what would be an uplifting conversation, to another level. 


As an educator, Akiva prides himself on the ability to connect and deliver the message of Love of Israel and Torah to all ages and all denomination. 


If you would like to connect with Akiva, book him for your next trip to Israel or invite him to come to your home community, please email here:




Book Publisher

"Becoming Israeli"


My book about the hysterical, emotional and challenging sides of making aliyah to Israel. A collection of 50 essays from 40 different olim (immigrants), together giving an insight into the experience of acclimating to Israeli society. With foreword by Yossi Klein HaLevi.

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Spiritual & Musical experience

Holy Land Spirit 


A unique program I designed specifically for Christian groups visiting Israel, using music, teachings and celebration to give participants a taste of the "spirit" of the Holy Land.

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Public Speaking

Speaking engagements 


Each year I travel to the U.S. to speak and teach at university Hillel chapters and synagogues around the country. Here is a list of topics I can speak or teach about for an event in your community.

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Blog Writter


My personal blogspace at The Times of Israel. Pieces cover topics relating to Judaism, Israel, politics and environmental issues.

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A collection of some of my own original music, sharing my thoughts, hopes and visions for the world in musical form.

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Torah Teachings

A collection of YouTube videos I have shared throughout the years on the weekly Torah portion.

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Akiva's Work



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About Akiva

Akiva is passionate about teaching, about sharing and about engaging with students of all ages on topics that are relevant, meaningful and personal.


Originally from New York, Akiva moved to Israel in 2004 and has worked in the field of Jewish education and music for 20 years. He has taught, guided and spoken with thousands of people on a diversity of topics relating to Judaism and Israel.


Akiva uses the mediums of speaking, writing, and music to share his passion for the Jewish people, for Israel, for the environment, and for the world. 


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